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    Visiting Teams

    Welcome Swim Team Families!

    Below is information for visiting the Wortham WhitesharksPool!


    Two Shifts 

    Shift 1 Events 1-42

    Shift 2 Events 43-80

    Volunteer Positions Needed

    • Ready Bench - 3 per shift
    • Timers - 9 per shift
    • Scribes- 3 pet shift
    • Computer/Time Verifier- 1 per shift
    • Runner- 1 per shift
    • Ribbons- 1 per shift
    • Head Timer


    The pool is located at 10911 Wortham Blvd. In front of the pool area there will be signs to designate unloading and loading zones. Please only park in these areas for short amounts of time so that other families can unload. Parking is available along the streets around the pool area. Signs are posted help remind you of Texas state laws of not parking near stop signs or on the bridge.

    Visiting Team Set Up

    The visiting team set up areas are in the grass on the side of the tennis court facing the pool and on the back side of the pool between the pool fence and wooden fence. The area does extend along the side of the tennis court. For overflow the bayou area is also an option. There is a playground by the tennis court, this is off limits during swim meets.


    Warm-Ups for the home team begin at 7:15. Visiting Warm-Ups will begin at 7:45. Morning relay changes need to be turned in by 7:30. There will be an officials meeting at 7:45 and timer meeting at 8:00. Swim meets will begin at 8:30.

    Heat Sheets

    Heat sheets will be available through a link on our website, the Swimtopia App, and a QR code posted at the meet.


    The concession area will be in the covered pool deck area. Concessions will include: burgers, hot dogs, sausage on a stick, nachos, drinks and packaged snacks. Food will come in limited contact with multiple people and will be individual wrapped. Tickets are sold for $1 a ticket so that our food staff is not in contact with money. Tickets will be dropped in a box by the purchaser when food items are received.

    Please let us know if you have any questions. We do appreciate any feedback. Our goals is to have a fun experience for all swimmers and families.  

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