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Welcome All Wortham Whitesharks

Wortham WhitesharksThe Wortham Whitesharks is a great team. We have also enjoyed much success over the years. The reason why we have been so successful is because we never lose sight of our goals. From Day 1, our swimmers hear the goals of the team: first and foremost, our goal is to have fun; second, our goal is to swim as fast and legal as possible according to each individual’s ability. Beyond these basic goals, we encourage all swimmers to have specific goals to reach. In the end it does not matter how fast we swim, what matters is the pursuit of our goals.

These goals cannot be accomplished unless we do them together as a team. One of the many beauties of the sport of swimming is that it is both an individual and team sport, but neither can be as successful as possible unless they complement one another. As Whitesharks we KNOW that all swimmers are uniquely important to this team, and everyone makes a contribution. That is why it is so important for everyone to try to attend all of the season’s meets, including and especially Divisionals.

Of course we can’t forget the rest of the Whiteshark family – the parents, volunteers, and families of the swimmers. You are all part of this team’s success. Everyone’s hard work and dedication help to make this team great.

Along the way, we will learn a few other things together. Hopefully by the end, every swimmer will have accomplished their goals. Certainly every swimmer will improve and grow over the few short weeks of the season. It is our goal as coaches that every swimmer walks away with a memorable experience for life - and that we all have FUN together.

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